The lawyers of Paris mourn the departure of a chairman of the heart

Lawyer for more than 35 years, former 11th secretary of the Conférence, founder of the Ligue d’improvisation du Barreau de Paris, former member of the Council of the Order, President of the Order in 2020 and 2021, re-elected member of the Council of the Order by an absolute majority from the first round of the last ordinal elections, he had made the defense of his colleagues and of the profession a major focus of his career.

During his term of office, hit hard by the health crisis, he made a point of maintaining an essential cohesion within his Bar and of providing day-to-day support by releasing the necessary resources so that no lawyer stay on the side of the road.

Mobilized against the pension reform, he was the first Bâtonnier de Paris for more than three decades to have organized an extraordinary general meeting to be closer to the aspirations of his colleagues. As part of this challenge, he also organized the now famous massive defences, consisting in defending, in groups, a single defendant before the immediate appearance chambers.

On the strength of this enthusiasm and with the desire to bring the Order of the Bar even closer together, he made the concept of participatory democracy a tangible reality by setting up direct consultations with all Parisian lawyers through a platform of collective intelligence.

Boss of private yachting, he was the skipper of his Bar to whom he always indicated the course, even in heavy weather. Olivier Cousi was not just a leader, he was an ambassador, a facilitator who knew how to transform conflict into a creative dynamic. It is also perhaps his first vocation as an ambassador that made him this discreet broker of ideas who did not put himself forward and often obtained unobtainable consensus.

He was above all a loving father whom his children adored and formed with his wife Anne, an unsinkable crew for nearly 37 years.

A man of heart, open to the world; esteemed lawyer, listening, the judicial world loses one of its most valiant defenders. Beyond his role as a lawyer, he was a man involved in his everyday life, close to others and deeply altruistic. His loved ones lose a unique personality that made life a little more beautiful.

Discover the special bulletin in his homage

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