The driver of the Millas bus victim of “broken heart syndrome” according to her lawyer, what is it?

RAYMOND ROIG / AFP Nadine Oliveira remains hospitalized after she became unwell in the courtroom of the Millas collision trial.


Nadine Oliveira remains hospitalized after she became unwell in the courtroom of the Millas collision trial.

TRIAL – During her interrogation during the Millas collision trial, Nadine Oliveira’s emotion had forced the suspension of the proceedings in Marseille. And since Thursday, the bus driver during the Millas tragedy is still hospitalized in a worrying state, unable to recover emotionally.

Victim of a heart attack, her lawyer told France Bleu, she was transferred to intensive care this Saturday, September 24. According to Jean Codognès, his client ” must pass a third scanner on Monday at the northern hospital in Marseille”, which could delay the resumption of the trial. To explain his client’s health problems, the lawyer put forward the hypothesis of ” Tako-tsubo syndrome », more commonly called “broken heart syndrome”.

Tako-tsubo cardiomyopathy

Behind this scientific name is actually a stress-related syndrome. This condition, still poorly understood by science, generally affects women over the age of 50 and results in a “ acute heart failure that manifests as acute myocardial infarction”explains Orphanet, an online portal devoted to rare diseases, with in particular “ischemic symptoms [une diminution de l’apport en sang dans le cœur] » and “high markers of cardiac pathology “.

First described in Japan, hence its name, the ” broken heart syndrome has since been observed around the world, occurring almost systematically after intense emotional stress. It is also when Nadine Oliveira was to deliver details on the moments preceding the accident with a TER which resulted in the death of six schoolchildren that the driver collapsed.

Concretely, a sharp discharge of hormones (such as adrenaline) produced in the event of intense stress causes the appearance of this phenomenon in affected patients, specifies Orphanet. According to this same site, people who are victims of it recover relatively quickly if the care is fast enough.

In contrast, ” the course, although generally smooth, may be marked by rupture of the left ventricle, making this syndrome a recently identified cause of sudden death “. At the present time, there is no real effective treatment, except precise monitoring in the event of heart failure.

The relentlessness of the lawyers of the civil parties in question?

According to Nadine Oliveira’s lawyer, it would therefore be the muscular interrogation on the details of the accident which would have caused this syndrome in the 53-year-old bus driver. To the point of denouncing this Saturday “relentlessness” lawyers for the civil parties, who would have delivered ” in a competition to associate their name with forced confessions”.

“It’s torture worthy of the Middle Ages”, he added. An opinion far from being shared by the main concerned. They all denied “gratuitous hardship” against the driver whose accident caused the death of 6 schoolchildren and injured 17 in December 2017 at a level crossing.

Pending news of the defendant, the debate on the level crossing barriers during the accident remains unchanged. ” We ask him the questions we need to ask him. We are obliged to put it face to face with its contradictions”replied Thursday Me Philippe Ayral, lawyer for the civil parties.

“For the past week, all the expert reports have shown that barriers were lowered. We can understand that Mrs. Oliveira, after four days, is in difficulty to accept this idea, “ he added. One thing remains certain: if the hearing resumes at the beginning of the week, it will be without Nadine Oliveira, still under medical supervision before new examinations on Monday, the date of resumption of the proceedings in the Marseilles court.

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