Alexeï Navalny says he is prohibited from private exchanges with his lawyers

Imprisoned Russian opponent Alexei Navalny, Vladimir Putin’s main critic, said he was deprived of confidential conversations with his lawyers, which could make it increasingly difficult for him to communicate with the outside world. In a message posted Thursday, September 8 on Twitter, the 46-year-old anti-corruption activist said he was summoned by the management of his … Read more

“Big business” n°94: Russia, financial pariah

View of the Kremlin (Moscow) Maxim Shemetov / REUTERS EXCLUSIVE LETTER SUBSCRIBERS – The Kremlin is officially in default. Bankruptcy threatens other countries. Dear subscribers, I announced it to you a little too quickly (“Big business” n°86) but this time, we are there: Russia is in default of payment. For the first time since 1918 … Read more

the new reality of the French in Russia

Since February 24 and the invasion of Ukraine, many French citizens have left Russia, for practical reasons or by political choice. The implementation of Western economic sanctions has changed the daily lives of those who have remained and reinforced their isolation. “It was the coup de grace. For me, Russia is over. I was already … Read more

US intelligence questioning Putin’s failing health

DECRYPTION – A recent report highlights the Russian president’s degraded appearance, his long absences, his puffy appearance, a distinct stiffening and poorly concealed hand tremors. Far from the Ukrainian battlefields, an equally bitter war is being played out in the Kremlin. Where an isolated and paranoid Vladimir Putin fights on two other fronts: his failing … Read more

Ukraine and Covid will weigh on the World Health Assembly

The war in Ukraine and its procession of planetary threats, an interminable Covid-19 pandemic: the 194 member countries of the WHO meet in Geneva on Sunday in this complicated context to build a more efficient and just global health system. A resolution initiated by Ukraine must in particular denounce the attacks perpetrated by Moscow on … Read more

Russian soldier on trial for war crime ‘is not guilty’, says his lawyer

The 21-year-old meanwhile said he was “sincerely sorry” for killing a 62-year-old man in northeastern Ukraine. Russian soldier tried in kyiv for war crime in Ukraine «is not guilty“Said his lawyer on the third day of this first trial of its kind since the start of the Russian invasion, the verdict of which will be … Read more

Zurich Insurance withdraws from Russia by reselling its activities to its local team

The Swiss insurer Zurich Insurance will sell its activities in Russia to its local team in order to withdraw from the market, it announced on Friday without revealing the financial details of the transaction. The group has signed an agreement with eleven members of its team in Russia to resell its activities in the country … Read more

First war crime trial in kyiv, Finland and Sweden move closer to NATO

AFP, published on Wednesday, May 18, 2022 at 11:15 p.m. A Russian soldier pleaded guilty on Wednesday to the opening in kyiv of the first war crimes trial since the start of the invasion of Ukraine, a conflict that prompted Sweden and Finland to seek NATO membership after decades of military non-alignment. At the same … Read more

Thierry Breton in favor of a pooling of purchases in Europe

The European Commissioner said he was “convinced” that the Member States should pool their energy supply, like what had been done for vaccines against Covid-19. In the event of a closure of Russian gas supplies, the European Union considers itself ready to cope. Questioned by France Inter, France Info and Le Monde, this Sunday, Thierry … Read more

Russian teams banned from European Cups next year

UEFA decided to strike hard against Russia. This Monday, the European Football Confederation announced several measures against its selections and its clubs. First of all, no Russian team will participate in the European Cups next season. This sanction includes the Champions League, the Europa League, the Europa League Conference but also the Women’s Champions League … Read more