British motorists and lawyers demonstrate against inflation

Lawyers in gowns and wigs demanding an increase in their remuneration to snail operations on the roads for the drop in fuel prices, British inflation gave rise to new demonstrations on Monday. Read alsoModerna to build RNA vaccine research and production facility in UK Historic strike last month in the UK Against a background of … Read more

Old real estate: soon the lull?

Charles Marinakis © DR According to figures compiled by Century 21, the rise in real estate prices in the old is particularly strong between the 1er semester 2021 and the 1er half of 2022: +10.7% for houses, +7.4% for apartments; with records at stake: 2,552 €/m² on average for houses, “which are driving the market … Read more

3 questions about the inflation aid announced by Elisabeth Borne

“Urgently”. The qualifier to define the new aid is carefully chosen by Elisabeth Borne this Tuesday, June 7. According to the Prime Minister, the most modest are the recipients of this inflation aid paid to deal with rising prices. Asked by France Blue, the Prime Minister then spoke of aid “paid directly into the bank … Read more

Pensions, inflation, education, health… “If Macron wins, the heist will continue” – Liberation

Reportage Article reserved for subscribers Legislative elections 2022case A few days before the first round of the legislative elections and while the abstention is likely to be massive, “Liberation” went to meet the French and French. Some have decided to make their anger heard behind strike pickets and at rallies, to demand better wages and … Read more

Here’s Why Keeping Your Pool Water Crystal Clear Will Cost You Much More This Summer

A public swimming pool in Sansais-La-Garette, in western France. May 31, 2022 ©WILLIAM SOUVANT / AFP Inflation on chlorine Following the Covid-19 pandemic and the approach of summer, many households have undertaken the renovation or construction of residential swimming pools. However, following a constrained supply, the price of chlorine tablets has risen sharply Atlantico: The … Read more

Revaluation of the Smic, increase in social benefits, price of tobacco … What changes on May 1

To cope with inflation but also to get out of the exceptional regime introduced during the Covid epidemic, the start of May will be marked by changes in regulations. The transition to May is accompanied by changes, in particular concerning salaries, and an increase in certain allowances. These come in response to the increase in … Read more

France threatened by “stagflation”?

Published on : 04/30/2022 – 17:00 Between soaring energy and commodity prices and sluggish growth, the latest economic indicators published Friday by INSEE raise fears of the onset of “stagflation”. Explanations. This is unheard of since the mid-1980s. Inflation continued to accelerate in April in France to reach 4.8% over one year, according to an … Read more

Riots in Mauritius, symbols of deep social malaise

Published on : 04/29/2022 – 09:01 A week after the eruptions of violence that shook the country for more than 48 hours, calm has returned to Mauritius. Many voices are calling on the government to review food prices. But for many observers, these scenes of violence are also symptomatic of a deeper malaise on the … Read more

“Big Business” No. 79: shock price

EXCLUSIVE LETTER SUBSCRIBERS – Inflation causes great excitement. Unheard of since Lyndon Johnson in 1966 damaged the reputation of eggs to drive down demand. Dear subscribers, These last few days have been marked – until the “Ibiza-gate” in any case – by a controversy of the utmost importance: the price of the baguette. The operation … Read more