his donors pay more than a million dollars to pay his lawyers

Buried under the lawsuits, Donald Trump received significant financial aid from his supporters to face American justice. New lawsuits, this time for tax evasion, have just been announced by the New York State Attorney General. Lawsuits against Donald Trump continue to multiply in the United States. After the search carried out by the FBI in … Read more

Donald Trump trusts Drew Findling, the lawyer for American rappers

Published on : 08/12/2022 – 17:45 Attorney Drew Findling has been hired by ex-President Donald Trump to defend him in a high-risk investigation in the state of Georgia. Nicknamed #BillionDollarLawyer, DrewFindling is best known for defending the cream of American rap for nearly 20 years. What do rap stars Cardi B, Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka … Read more

John Eastman, the lawyer who made Donald Trump dream of coups

Published on : 06/20/2022 – 18:18 The hearings of the American commission of inquiry into the assault on the Capitol, which resumes on Tuesday June 21, have revealed the central role played by lawyer John Eastman in Donald Trump’s efforts to challenge the results of the November 2020 presidential election. He was the revelation of … Read more