McKinsey case, let’s continue the discussion

EXCLUSIVE LETTER SUBSCRIBERS – But why doesn’t the state make more use of consulting firms? Why did he only call on McKinsey in November 2020 for the vaccination campaign. We could write a counter-report to that of the Senate. Dear subscribers, What is known as the McKinsey affair has become a campaign fact. All the … Read more

Inauguration of the new Tesla mega-factory in Texas, Elon Musk’s adopted state

This is the manufacturer’s fifth “mega-factory”, after those in Nevada, New York, Shanghai and Berlin. Between the thousands of invitations and the cult dedicated to Elon Musk by his fans, the inauguration of the new Tesla factory in Austin this Thursday looks like a star concert, in the now established tradition of the whimsical billionaire … Read more

Indexia suspected of “misleading commercial practices”, according to an investigation by the DGCCRF

The investigation revealed “practices consisting in falsely making consumers wishing to stop direct debits believe that their requests were taken into account, or even effective”. The repression of fraud transmitted to the Public Prosecutor of the Paris judicial court the conclusions of its investigation concerning suspicions of commercial practices “misleadingof the Indexia group, she announced … Read more

all roads lead to the Élysée

EXCLUSIVE LETTER SUBSCRIBERS – The EPRs, the Competition Authority, Equans… Three cases and one thing in common: the verdict expected from the Élysée. Welcome in France ! Dear subscribers, The news of recent days has been crushed by the already very lively electoral campaign and by the executive’s convolutions in the face of rising fuel … Read more

“Big Business” No. 79: shock price

EXCLUSIVE LETTER SUBSCRIBERS – Inflation causes great excitement. Unheard of since Lyndon Johnson in 1966 damaged the reputation of eggs to drive down demand. Dear subscribers, These last few days have been marked – until the “Ibiza-gate” in any case – by a controversy of the utmost importance: the price of the baguette. The operation … Read more

the old world rebels

EXCLUSIVE LETTER SUBSCRIBERS – The world of technology companies is experiencing failures. Stellantis exacts revenge on Rivian. Dear subscribers, The GAFTAMs (Google, Apple, Facebook, Tesla, Amazon and Microsoft) are together worth more than 11,000 billion dollars and weigh the GDP of six major European countries. Apple has crossed the 3 trillion mark in market capitalization. … Read more

happy new year to 100,000 billion dollars!

EXCLUSIVE LETTER SUBSCRIBERS – The stock market, fundraising, mergers and acquisitions… 2021 was a year of records of all kinds. Dear subscribers, I send you my best wishes for this new year. A $100 trillion year. Eh yes ! In 2022, global GDP is expected to cross the $100 trillion mark for the first time … Read more

“Big Business” No. 75: VW, Ariane and Elon

EXCLUSIVE LETTER SUBSCRIBERS – The boss of the Volkswagen group saves his head and France engages in the battle for reusable launchers. Two subjects, a common enemy: Elon Musk. Dear subscribers, This letter arrives a few days late and I hope you won’t hold it against me. I won’t invent any false excuses, I just … Read more

insurance, a headache for companies

War risk is not covered by damage insurance. In Russia, the situation has hardened. The Russian invasion of Ukraine makes the life of companies present in these two countries particularly complex. This is especially true in insurance. Generally, large groups have international insurance programs. Their local subsidiaries are covered by Western insurers established locally or … Read more

How to develop your business idea safely

Having a good idea is essential… but not enough. A few simple tips to make sure your idea grows serenely. The Americans summarize it in a formula: “Idea is 1%? Execution is 99%”. The initial idea is obviously fundamental in the life of a company but it should not be fetishized. It can evolve to … Read more