Hamraoui case: Aminata Diallo’s lawyers point out the incriminating elements

The day after the release under judicial supervision of Aminata Diallo, her lawyers held a press conference on Thursday to prove the innocence of their client, suspected of being behind Kheira’s attack. Hamraoui.

Speech to the defense. Aminata Diallo’s three lawyers held a press conference on Thursday to try to prove the innocence of the player, suspected of having orchestrated the violent attack on her former teammate at PSG Kheira Hamraoui on November 4, 2021. And to defend their client, released under judicial supervision after four days in detention in the Versailles women’s prison, they took up certain elements of the file, which would tend to exculpate her.

Starting with the absence of material elements between Aminata Diallo and the attackers, but also of a link with the supposed sponsor of the attack who has still not been identified. “On reading the file, the attackers say that they were sponsored by an individual. This individual, we do not know who he is today. We now know that there is a sponsor/intermediary who is not identified. (…) A person ordered this attack and, factually in the file, we cannot identify this person: for whom did he act? What purpose ? It is not known”, insisted Me Mourad Battikh.

The council also set out to question the version of the attackers, who accuse the footballer of being at the origin of the attack. “It’s very easy for the sponsor to bring together the four attackers and say: ‘the day you get caught, it’s Aminata Diallo'”, declared the lawyer before pointing the finger with his colleague at operation exclusively dependent on the mobile phone of the player.

While messages that were insulting to say the least towards her teammate were revealed, others would be more benevolent. “The messages that have kindly been mentioned in this summary report are only a part. There are others who totally say the opposite. Aminata Diallo was sometimes able to protect Kheira Hamraoui or say good things about her, sportingly,” confided Me Romain Ruiz. And to add: “there are a lot of messages between Aminata Diallo and Kheira Hamraoui which demonstrate a cordial understanding. This enmity must be extraordinarily nuanced”.

“There are many messages of friendship for Kheira Hamraoui. Before this aggression and this animosity a posteriori of police custody, there is a strong and deep relationship of friendship between them, they went on vacation together abroad”, recalled, for his part, Me Mourad Battikh , who regretted that other avenues had not been explored enough. “All acts of investigation were made against Aminata Diallo and it would have been necessary to explore other avenues. (…) There is a disproportion between the acts of investigation against Aminata Diallo and the other avenues which could have been explored in our opinion”, he indicated.

Despite the charges against her, Aminata Diallo, “shocked” by her detention, is determined to prove her innocence in this case. Just like his three lawyers.

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