The German Tesla factory already shut down

Zapping The Blogauto Suzuki Vitara review Tesla’s Shanghai factory will be shut down for the first two weeks of July, shutting down Model Y production. Then, Model 3 production in China will be on hold for 20 days from July 18. But it is not the only factory of the American manufacturer which will have … Read more

Tesla has closed its Parly 2 store

Edition of 05/07/2022 Valérie Bouillon-Delporte (Michelin): How hydrogen is essential in transport Still marginal in transport, hydrogen is now at the top of the list and not only for automotive subjects. Director of the Michelin hydrogen ecosystem, Valérie Bouillon-Delporte, who has been on this subject for 10 years, deciphers for the different stages of … Read more

Tesla vehicles can now adjust their suspension for potholes

You’re here has just offered some of its vehicles quite an interesting new ability. After a new on-board software update, affected vehicles can now scan the surface on which they evolve for detect potholes and other defects. The vehicle can then generate “bad road map data” and control adaptive suspension. This will allow the car … Read more

Vehicle build quality is declining, especially among electric car makers

5 The Covid-19 pandemic has deeply affected the automotive industry, in particular manufacturing quality, reveals an American study. Electric car manufacturers Polestar and Tesla are particularly affected. Manufacturing of a Chevrolet Bolt at GM’s Orion plant near Detroit. © Erick Fontaine / Digital According to the JD Power study 2022 US Initial Quality Study, published … Read more

no longer need to pay 7,500 euros to take advantage of this option

The latest update for Tesla vehicles, version 2022.20, brings something quite unexpected: the sound notification when the traffic light turns green is available for everyone. Source: Anthony Wonner – Frandroid For once, the developers of the software that equips Tesla vehicles have added a remote functionality that will appeal to the vast majority of owners. … Read more