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In France, 78% of lawyers consider that the level of stress and the mental load resulting from their profession are excessive. 89% of lawyers admit to waking up at least once a week at night for fear of having forgotten something, of having forgotten one of the 3,900 tasks they have to manage. One of … Read more

rififi at the lawyers of Bergerac

Part of the case, which dates back to 2017, had already been reported in March 2021 by “Sud Ouest”, when the court had to judge the case of the former president of the bar, Me Dominique Assier. The latter was summoned by an ex-client, defended by Me Fabrice Scotto, on the grounds that Me Assier … Read more

Google is accused of concealing important communications by misusing attorney-client privilege in its defense against a DOJ antitrust lawsuit

The US Department of Justice and 14 attorneys general have asked the judge presiding in the antitrust case against Google to sanction the company for training employees to conceal business documents so they would not be revealed by legal disputes, according to documents filed on Monday. The Department of Justice writes in its documents that … Read more

Free legal consultations for women in Caen

By Writing Caen Published on 7 Mar 22 at 17:13 Freedom Caen See my news Follow this media Lawyers Illustration ©Nicolas CLAICH Tuesday, March 8, 2022 marks International Women’s Day. On this occasion, the lawyers of the Bar of Caen (Calvados) offers free consultations for women. Civil, criminal, family, professional… Throughout the day (9 a.m. … Read more

Viajuris: lawyer-entrepreneurs – Tout Lyon

It is away from Lyon and the courthouse that Viajuris decided to continue its transformation. Since January, the business law firm has settled in a majestic bourgeois residence located in Champagne, contrasting with its former Haussmann offices on rue des Archers in Lyon. “The change of site is a challenge, but we wanted to offer … Read more

Anne Cousin, associate lawyer at Herald: “The metaverse will probably amplify the knowledge that a handful of platforms have of our behavior. »

The metaverse has burst into the technological field in a meteoric way and lawyers are already beginning to follow the phenomenon closely. This is the case of Anne Cousin, associate lawyer at Herald, who accepted this interview. For her, to frame practices in the metaverse, normative levers already exist. Were you interested in the law … Read more

November 13 trial: tensions during Abdeslam’s interrogation, defense lawyers leave the room – The trial of the November 13, 2015 attacks

Defense lawyers unanimously left the trial of the November 13 attacks on Tuesday to protest the court’s refusal to formally record the incidents that occurred during the very tense interrogation of the main accused Salah Abdeslam. Faced with the benches left empty by the defense, the president of the special assize court of Paris, Jean-Louis … Read more