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Monaco then Paris, he already saw himself as the future Mbappé.

Kamil, 15, plays for FC Cimiez, a club in Nice. On April 13, he showed up for an AS Monaco test at La Turbie, like dozens of other kids. He immediately caught the eye of recruiters. But not for his ball skills, says nice morning. Arrived wearing a PSG jersey, he was simply kicked out of the training ground. “At this detection, there were about sixty kids, most of them dressed in a football shirt from a fashionable team. Real, FC Barcelona, ​​Chelsea, Bayern, Italian clubs, some French clubs too. (…) When Kamil showed up at the registration table with his PSG jersey, we didn’t tell him anything.” says the father, present in the gallery, daily on the Riviera.

He recounts the dialogue between a Monegasque educator and his son: “He told me he grabbed her shoulder and said in a way that he found aggressive: “Are you trying to provoke us by coming with your PSG jersey? Here Nice or PSG, it’s the same for us!” My son was left stupid on the spot. He was obviously very disappointed and he left in tears. »

A version confirmed by the amateur section of AS Monaco and its president Michel Aubéry: “The educator actually called him back to the edge of the field to ask him if he had another knit to wear, he had none. If the training had taken place at the Moneghetti stadium, we could have given him another jersey, but at La Turbie, we have no stock. That’s why we asked him to leave the detection and he was invited to come back without this shirt at a next meeting. » To avoid further problems, the club now asks players to come to testing with a neutral tunic.

Still upset, the father turned to the president of the Côte d’Azur district and vice-president of the Mediterranean Football League, Édouard Delamotte, to win his case. Failed again. “Wearing a jersey from PSG, a rival club in the French Ligue 1 championship, when presenting yourself for admission to AS Monaco is more than a clumsinesshe assumes, still in Nice morning. I explained to the dad that it was like coming to be recruited at Renault with the Peugeot suit. »


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