rififi at the lawyers of Bergerac

Part of the case, which dates back to 2017, had already been reported in March 2021 by “Sud Ouest”, when the court had to judge the case of the former president of the bar, Me Dominique Assier. The latter was summoned by an ex-client, defended by Me Fabrice Scotto, on the grounds that Me Assier had not paid him compensation obtained in a trial. The court acquitted Me Assier of the accusation of breach of trust and ordered the civil party to pay 1,500 euros for abuse of the civil party application.


The story, already quite complex, does not stop there since Me Assier also brought the case before the bar association council, accusing Me Scotto of not having respected certain procedures and of having used “d ‘abusive insinuations’. He also reproached him for not having assumed his mission of advice during another judicial hearing.

However, specifies Fabrice Scotto, it was the vice-president of the bar at the time, Patrick Belaud, who seized the Regional Council of the order following the complaint of Me Assier, taking advantage of an absence of the president who had delegated his powers to him. Problem, according to him: both are partners in the firm Monéger-Assier-Belaud.

For Fabrice Scotto, there is no doubt that Patrick Belaud was guilty of illegal taking of interests for the benefit of his partner Dominique Assier. For him, the offense is characterized insofar as “the person in a position to decide on a case has a particular interest in it”. In the process, Fabrice Scotto embellishes his complaint with facts of false denunciation.

No comment

He is also filing a complaint for attempted intimidation after a letter from the chairman of the time, Fatima Gajja-Benfeddoul, asking him to relinquish his client’s file against Me Assier, on the grounds that he had to notify the chairman of the ‘era. The prosecution received Me Scotto’s complaint and seized an investigation service to carry out the investigations.

Contacted by “Sud Ouest”, the Monéger-Assier-Belaud firm did not wish to respond to the requests. Asked at the bend of a corridor of the courthouse, Me Belaud replies that he has “no comment to make”. Same answer from the former president Fatima Gajja-Benfeddoul, who handed over in January. “I let justice do its job,” she said. Me, I did mine as chairman. »

The new chairman, Valentine Guiriato, did not wish to speak on the subject either.

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