Paul’s lawyer received threats from Mathias –

While Mathias Pogba is currently incarcerated, new information is emerging on this already infamous case. Paul’s brother would have threatened the Juventus player’s lawyer before taking action. More

Pogba, threats then actions

It has now been a month since the Pogba affair came to light. When Mathias, Paul’s older brother, published a video in which he promises to make sensational revelations about the Juventus player. Plan which he put into execution a few days later. But before that, according to information from the ParisianMathias Pogba allegedly threatened Paul’s lawyer, Rafaela Pimenta.

Indeed, on August 14, the latter would have sent a long message to the Brazilian in which he accuses her of wanting to protect her brother and her own image, leaving the mother of the two men to go “as a scout” in this dark affair of organized gang extortion.

Mathias Pogba had planned everything. (Icon Sports)

“Being an ostrich has never solved the problems, on the contrary when you pull your head out of the hole the problems are still there in a much bigger way, is it first written. So I understand the situation and I see what you are doing: you are thinking about how to protect my brother’s image, vis-à-vis Juve, the France team and sponsors. And above all you are thinking about how not to harm your own image, your career built over many years, your current position as ‘the most powerful woman in football’, your title as a lawyer, the foundation of your career, to avoid getting wet and thus avoid radiation. »

Mathias Pogba to Rafaela Pimenta, Paul’s lawyer

Mathias had detailed everything to him

In this message, Mathias Pogba ends up detailing the plan that was his, a few days before putting it into action by publishing this first video on August 27, 2022. I will go to see all the media possible, in the possible countries. Of course I will explain how my brother got involved in shady deals with criminals who drew blood for him.“, first said the 32-year-old man, who claims to have been in mortal danger because of his brother.

I will also reveal to them my brother’s true face and his level of hypocrisy, selfishness and greed. About how he behaved with his family during all these years. I will talk about all these betrayals. »

Mathias Pogba to Rafaela Pimenta

Mathias, who claims Paul Pogba called in a marabout to cast a spell on Kylian Mbappé in 2019 for the Champions League game against Manchester United, put a layer of it on Rafaela Pimenta. ” I will also explain how I called you for help, I will show them that you knew everything, they will see the messages and the fact that you answered. So they will see that there is at least non-assistance to anyone in danger vis-à-vis the family of one of your clients. At worst, they’ll see how you’re my brother’s accomplice said Paul’s big brother to finish.

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