Gironde. Former Grenoble rugby players prosecuted for rape: the lawyer for one of the suspects has announced his intention to appeal in cassation

What really happened in one of the rooms of a hotel near Mérignac airport during the night of March 11 to 12, 2017? Facts likely to be of a criminal nature, replied the Bordeaux investigating chamber on Thursday, which considered the charges against three ex-rugbymen from the Grenoble club, FCG, to be sufficiently constituted to pronounce their dismissal before the court. foundations of the Gironde.

These three young men, Dennis Coulson, Rory Grice, and Loïck Jammes, should thus appear for “rape in a meeting” on a Bordeaux student then aged 21. They face a 20-year prison sentence.

Two of their former teammates, Dylan Hayes and Christopher Farrell, will have to be tried for an offense…

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