Antoine Sollacaro, committed lawyer, modest man, shot 10 years ago

On October 16, 2012, Antoine Sollacaro is killed at a city gas station while driving his car. This year, which marks the tenth anniversary of this assassination, a mass will be celebrated this Saturday at the oratory Saint Jean Baptist from the street King-of-Rome at Ajaccioat 10 o’clock.

In 2012, immediately after the events, the career of the “tenor” of the Ajaccio bar, so nicknamed by his peers, was relayed in all the media. His fiery temper is at the center of portraits scribbled on the spot.

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And then, his name is quickly associated with the word “case”. He, the lawyer through and through, becomes, like a twist of fate, the central figure in a legal proceeding. Each year, for ten years, press articles distill elements of this investigation, the slightest news is the subject of a paper in the local and national media. Last week, the referral to the assizes of four men in this case came to advance the anniversary date, leaving the field open to discuss the man and not the procedure. Antoine Sollacaro leaves the memory of a committed lawyer. But history does not always say that he was also an assiduous artist, a modest painter, a committed citizen in the ranks of the League of Human Rights.

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Me Philippe Gatti, who held the position of president just like Antoine Sollacaro, remembers the university years on the continent, then the first trials, some of which were very media-friendly. “As he was a lawyer for nationalists, he pleaded before the State Security Court, an exceptional court, it is not trivial to find himself before these courts”, he remembers. He who was close to the assassinated president assures that Antoine Sollacaro was a “renowned criminal”.

“It was justified, really. It’s not the affect that makes me say that. Antoine was a man passionate about his job, he was viscerally attached to it”, support Me Gatti. His colleagues, who listen to him with one ear, display a knowing smile. And everyone agrees that behind the image of a silent man, whom he liked to maintain, was hiding a sensitive man, “courageous and faithful in friendship”. Me Jean-Louis Seatelli, one of those closest to Antoine Sollacaro, limits himself to these last qualifiers. “I can’t sum it up in two sentences, it’s ridiculous”believes M.e Seatelli, former president of Bastia, by concealing his emotion.

On Tuesday, the bar of Ajaccio will pay its traditional tribute to the assassinated president, at 11:30 a.m., on the steps of the palace.

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